Think about someone you admire because of their success. Now think about yourself  in that same light. Seems impossible right? But quit often we become blinded by the success of others we forgot we can go out and achieve our own. If you are looking to achieve new health goals, gain muscle, loose weight or eat healthier, you have come to the right spot. OneWordFitness wants to be apart of your journey in transforming your lifestyle once and for all! 

When you think about that admirable person you cant help but to think why not me? Let me be the first to tell you today it is YOUR turn! Commit to yourself again, and work very hard to let your intentions become your actions. Let us be your resource to providing top rated products in the fitness industry that does not have to break the bank, taste so bad that your one and done with it, or items that are simply so boring you not only loose your interest, but you loose the motivation. 

2020 was a year most of us were a little more than excited to leave behind us than we would like to admit. But if it is one thing last year should have taught each of us it is that we have to get better at managing ourselves. Have the discipline it takes to make progression and see real results and hold your self accountable when you do not. Welcome 2021, where loosing never felt so good! 




Just like we mentioned, this is a lifestyle change and we want to make sure we support your weight journey regardless of the path you are on. 

Weights are important because they create resistance. If you are looking to loose weight, tone muscle, or put on fat take a look at these top ranked products below that would help in achieving these weight goals! 

This set of 2 Dumbbell Hand Weights comes in at number one in exercise & fitness dumbbell category. (link). From a 1-10 pound pair you can select your weight rang and a color that best fits your work out level. These weights are a good quality and won’t burn a hole into your pocket. We encourage you to gradually increase the weight amount and really challenge your body! 

Coming in at number five this Bowflex (link) adjustable Medium Dumbbell set comes in a variety of colors. This product is perfect for you if you are taking your fitness to the next level. With over ten 10 thousand reviews this product is as simple as twisting a dial to select the weight you want. You can download an app and follow along with a personal trainer, and also build custom workouts. 





One fitness item comes in at number one\



Group Workout Classes

Sometimes we all need a little motivation to make it to the gym every week. These group workout classes will get you pumped (literally) for the gym!



Yoga & Health Wellness Classes

Achieving a better physique is about more than simply shedding the pounds and improving muscle tones. Our yoga and health wellness classes will help you to focus on both your mental and physical well-being.




Derek Jamison

The fitness-center is the best that I’ve ever seen. After a great workout I can head to the steam showers to give my muscles the relaxation that they need.



Caroline Kesler

I was nervous about getting ready for my wedding day. I wanted to lose weight and was yo-yo dieting. The yoga classes really helped me find my Zen and lose the weight.



Janet Clarke

My husband and I actually like coming to the gym… together! And it’s all thanks to the group fitness classes.



Matt Davis

The staff is incredibly friendly. The trainers are amazing. Thanks for giving me the body I’ve always wanted.